Sunday, May 15, 2016

Countdown to Kenya 2016!

We are just ten weeks out from leaving for Kenya!  While that may seem like a lot of time, we still have much preparation, both in the sense of organization and coordination, but also to quiet our hearts and minds for what God is preparing for us.

We have a team of 17 goers that is made up of a mixture of family and friends who all share the desire to love on God's children and help to provide them with a hope and a future.  Our team is a mixture of first-timers and old-timers (eight have been to Haven at least once).  Our plans for our stay in Kenya includes holding two days of Vacation Bible School activities at Nduchi Primary School, and at the conclusion of the two days each student will receive a backpack that contains and new uniform and school supplies.  During the two days of VBS we will share God's love through stories, skits, games and crafts.  We will also have the chance to minister to the nearly 60 children of a neighboring children's home that will come to Haven on the Hill (where we will be based over our nearly two-week stay) for a one-day event where our main message to the children will be of God's love and that he made each child special.  We will also be giving each child that comes a jacket, blanket, Bible and backpack with school supplies.  Other than preparation for these ministry opportunities, we will also spend time loving on the boys at Haven and also visiting and ministering to those in the community.  We will also find time to squeeze in birthday celebrations, not only for the boys at Haven, but also for a few in our team.

2016 Program Fundraising Goal
Through the major generosity of all of our partners, we are at 98% of the needed funds to cover our program.  Your giving has allowed us to purchase nearly 300 uniforms (made locally in Kenya to support their local economy), and enough backpacks and school supplies to not only provide to Nduchi Primary School but also to another area children's home.  We have already paid the first installment for the uniforms and have ordered all of the school supplies here in the U.S.  We will also be buying some supplies local and will rely on meeting the final portion of our goal to cover that.

A final request is for prayer partners that will pray for our team as we prepare and throughout our journey.  If you would be willing, please contact us, either through Facebook or at and we will give your more specific information.

Once again, thank you so much for the support.  We want to keep God at the head of all that we do, and move in the ways that He would have us move.  It is only through Him that we may truly have life and have it more abundantly!