Saturday, August 26, 2017

Helping others around the world...Peru

usupaki....Thank you from kids in the jungles of Peru
Our goal is to help those in need around the world. We were able to do this by partnering with friends from our church Sam and Marcie Nicholson who founded the Cocama Project in Peru. To find out more about their ministry you can check out their page at We've been hearing about this ministry for the past 4 years at our church and we are so excited that this year we were able to partner with them so the kids in the community they support were able to receive school supplies. . Most of these kids like the kids in Africa we help have never had school supplies of their own. Above is the short video Sam made of the kids saying...usupaki (thank you in Cocama) for their school supplies.

Sam and Marcie were able to buy the kids paper/notebooks, pencils, markers, color pencils,erasers etc with the funds we gave them. We were also able to send them with big pencil sharpeners for each of the rooms to be installed at the school.
Sam and Marcie put in a lot of work to purchase these school supplies locally with the funding we gave them and organize this give away for us. But I know Marcie and Sam thought it was worth it to be able to help bless this community and these kids.
Here is a picture of Marcie with a family who's daughter received school supplies.
The little girls smile says it all.
Ok, y'all who went to Africa know why this is my favorite picture. Look at those kids standing still in nice single file lines.
Amazing, just amazing.

Our God is amazing.. Through our friends our small wish of being able to help kids around the world attend school has been able to touch 2 places of need around the globe. I don't know what God's plans are, but I'm so excited to be a part of it.
Can't go with us, no problem, your gift of $10-$10,000+ can help change the world.
 These kids will be the next generation, how can you help?

Next up, giving school supplies to kids in need in Tarkington, the small town Robert and I grew up in.

Stay tuned...currently working on our newsletter

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