Thursday, August 17, 2017

Misison Trip 2017- Day 10

Day 10...

We all knew this day would have to come.....the day we would have to leave Haven and head back to Nairobi to get ready for our flight the next day. Leaving Haven is always sad, bc for me it's like leaving my 2nd home. I know most people dream of a home on the beach, or in the mountains with a ski lift right out the door, but this is my 2nd dream home. It has the most amazing views I have ever seen. The food literally grows on the trees out the back door, and the people, oh the people are just the best!
It's these people and this place that take root in your heart.

 These invisible roots spread throughout your body until they find that place in you which we call the soul. The roots burrow in deep to your soulhome and take up residence. It happens so subliminally you have to wonder is there something in the chi? No it's not the chi although my hubby loves the stuff. It's not even the red dirt which now covers all your clothes or all your shoes. It is an experience and feeling like no other. The first year I went I coined this phrase: Red Dirt Stained Soul, and that's exactly what it is. These people and this place have left a permanent stain on my soul. If you can imagine cave drawings which depict people's lives or experiences, my soulhome is now just like those drawings, permanent and with standing the test of time. People ask me all the time why do you go back? The feeling I have just described to you is why I go back. you want that feeling too? A magnetic pull to a place halfway across the world? Before you know it we will be planning next years trip. We already have so many great ideas on who we can bless next year. We many not be able to help the whole world, but we can create a ripple effect in this community and in other places in need. (after I finish cataloging this trip, I will tell you about a few other groups of people we have been able to bless)
This picture is from Monday! Elizabeth showed all us ladies how to make her mandazi's! Kathy wrote down the recipe for us, so we can all make them how Elizabeth does!
Everyone helped so that we could have tea time later with the ladies and eat mandazi's.
My sister in law Cindy rolling out the Mandazi's!
Ok, you can tell I don't really like talking about leaving bc I really don't like crying and will usually avoid it like the plague! The good news is I was fresh out of tears bc Tommy and Kristen had already make me cry that week due to their extremely generous donation towards next years give away day. I told you this place takes root in you. Who needs a Chanel bag when you give an entire school of kids shoes!!!!!
Ok, more pics of yummy food, less talk of leaving...
We also made Arrowroot chips that day! When the parents of kids blessed us with fresh produce one of the things we received quite a bit of was arrowroot. In Africa it is considered a special dish. You take all the outside skin off and boil it. It become this soft (insert mushy) starchy treat (insert tasteless food). Everyone there loves it! We American's couldn't see the appeal. I tried it
with honey and lots of peanut butter for breakfast one day. YES now it was very good. Because I knew we would be eating more of it I asked if they had ever had arrowroot chips? No, was the answer so of course after frying the mandazi's we had all that lovely oil left...perfect for frying arrowroot chips. Arrowroot chips to me taste a lot like a potato chip and are really good just with salt or used to dip guacamole.  
Ok, so we did eventually leave Haven a little later than expected due to the rain and our driver trying to drive on mud. Oh and the hugging bye and the tears...
Finally we were off and what a slick slippery ride it was till we finally made it up that last hill to the main road in town.
We were leaving just in time though as the elections would be on Aug 8th. Already the political posters were everywhere and the cars touting one candidate over the other making it all the way out to Haven. Because everyone knows the election is usually decided by the silent majority or single men registered to vote in PA. JK on the later, but yes the former statement.
As we made out way closer into town these cars became flat enclosed 18wheel style trucks almost like you see in Vegas advertising shows. Thank the LORD these dancers were clothed though, but yes you heard that right...dancers dancing along to loud music supporting one candidate. Yep, you would think I've seen it all at this point.
Finally we made it to the Java House at Thika road and I had coffee and a BLT, bc bacon, I missed bacon. Most everyone else had a good old fashion burger w/bacon of course. My darling sister had a yummy salad which I wish I had gotten as I realized why Tommy had ordered the bacon on his burger extra crispy. I still ate it bc who wastes bacon...crazy people that's who.
Later we made it back to the Mayfield, check in, and relaxed a bit to start planning what we could go see tomorrow before our flight out. I will leave the surprises of what we saw for tomorrow.
We did make a short walk later that afternoon the Java house close to the Mayfield to get more coffee and then a chocolate brownie, a couple croissants and some other treats entered the picture.
That night we were so happy to have wifi we all plugged in our phones to charge them up. Most people sooner than me, that's how my phone stayed plugged in overnight and was fried during the electrical surge around 11:45 that night. Yes that was my phone's time of death. It was slated to happen bc GOK's how it survived it's quick baptism into the toilet at Haven. That's not true I know exactly how it survived. I started praying the moment I heard it clank the side...Dear Jesus save my phone...Dear Jesus pls let my phone still work!!!Yep, not only did HE save it, but blessed it with a whole year of life when most people would of pronounced it dead at the scene.
Ok enough for today....tomorrow you will get to hear about a different type of orphanage....stay tuned for day 11..

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