Friday, August 18, 2017

Mission Trip 2017- Day 11

Day 11...
We are going on safari!!!
Well not really. I found out the Safari we wanted to go on required getting up at 5am when our flight left at 11:55pm....and then there was no assurance of getting to see animals. We want to see animals preferably that you can touch and you don't have to get up at 5am to see! (you know kinda like a zoo, but better)
Ok, Samuel said you can still see the Giraffes and Baby Elephants. You can even touch them he said. It's only $5 to see the Elephants and $10 to see and feed Giraffes and you will be back by lunch. Ok sign us up!
Boy did he ever! I will let the pictures do the talking from here on out and just add some captions!
You were "supposesd to only feed one pellet at a time, somehow Cindy and I missed that until after I feed my both hands full of pellets to this one really cute giraffe.
You may have seen the Giraffe Manor as a must on the list of places to stay when in Kenya. At only $650 per person per night you can see why we didn't stay there. But, these are the giraffe's they advertise that you can feed from the windows of your room while staying there and for only $10 we got to feed and pet them too!!! In the background you could see the gorgeous 1920's style idyllic manor 0house with shoots of green ivy covering the walls and perfectly placed cobble stones leading up to it. It truly was gorgeous and felt like you were stepping into a different world, but you can do a lot with $650, like fund several kids for the year!!

 Tommy took some just gorgeous pictures!

 They are so soft and clean you could almost kiss them right?
 Yes, the animal keeper said they like to kiss, just put a pellet between your lips and they will kiss you!
Kathy got a little more tongue than she was expecting with her kiss, but to see the smile on her grandson Austin's face..priceless.
As we left the giraffe's to see the baby elephants we also go to see Pumbaa!!
So it was really kinda like a safari!
Loose a finger....what???
Well we were off to visit the baby elephants. These baby elephants all had a story of how their mother was either killed by poachers, they where found at the bottom of a well, or due the drought they mother had died.
Baby Elephants still require their mothers milk to 2 years old and slightly beyond.
This lovely Elephant orphanage flies wherever needed to rescue these baby elephants, raises them and then works to reintroduce them to the wild.
Fun fact, I grew up on a 100 acre farm with lots of cows. My grandma would use bottles just like this to feed baby calves where the mother had died, was sick, or wasn't able to feed the baby for some reason. When I saw them wheel out these bottles I knew from experience the babies would run to get their milk. Oh and they didn't disappoint!
Some of the bigger babies like this one after they had had their allotted 2 bottles went to try to sneak another from the wheel barrow. It was so fun to watch them and the keepers!! By the way trunks make really good sneak in and grab tools! Wish I had a picture of that for you, but I'm sure you have a good imagination.
One of the smallest babies at 6months still needing to have a blanket tied to him/her for warmth.
Dumbo!!! Oh I could show you pictures of cute baby elephants forever!!!  Where we where standing was just behind a rope and to the back of us was the beautiful open view of the "safari" so it was no surprise really that these warthogs walked right up behind us not more than 30 feet away.
We spent a whole hour getting to see about 24 elephants. They are only open from 11-12 to see and pet the baby elephants, but if you adopt a baby elephant for only $50 a year, you and a group of your friends can come back at night and tuck your baby elephant in!!! So Tommy adopted a little elephant for his son Thomas and when we go back in Feb we are going to try our best to go tuck in that little baby!!!
So as I said before this turned into an actually safari day. On the way out we saw baboons just runs across the street!! Ok, let me explain the huge wildlife preserve is right next to the baby elephants and these baboons were just going out for an afternoon stroll, but it sure felt like were getting see our fare share of animals!!

We all made it back for lunch at the Mayfield, took some time to relax, surf the free wifi (that is if your phone wasn't fried), and relax before we headed to the airport that night at 6pm. On the way to the airport on the side of the road we did see even more animals: water buffalos, zebras, and more giraffes!
See, we really did go on Safari...
Ok, this is really the last day of posts, but I will be sure to add more and even share some of the awesome interviews with you!
ok stay tuned for my next post!

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