Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mission Trip 2017- Day 2

Mission Trip 2017- Day 2
 1st some cute goats from Haven

Day 2 is always the daunting day because you know you have to stuff over 300 back packs with school supplies and the kids individual school uniforms by name. So the cute goat pic was very necessary!!  Well we had a plan due to last years leanings and of course the label maker didn't survive the baggage service on the way over. That's ok, Thank the Lord God I had Robert print me an extra list of kids which my sister Cindy and my sister-in-law Cindy lovingly individually cut out and taped inside a backpack for each kid. They and Kathy even made sure girls got girls color back packs and boys boy colors and so on.

This is what the finished product looked like, but it takes the whole team to get those bags stuffed. I was going to spare you the details, but the pics Tommy took of the process are worth a thousand words.

Yes, some of us have lovely stations on the floor of the, yes of the laundry room, as others of the team walk around with their pencil pouches to be filled with pens, pencils, erasers, eraser toppers, pencil sharpeners, etc.
So cycle this through a few hundred times, then we move to backpacks being filled by class and sorted into girls and boys into separate duffels.
Did someone say lunch break!!!????
After Lunch we added the boys uniforms then finally we were able to go see Fedelis to pick up the jumpers/sweaters. At Fidelis's house we were served the best FRESH PINEAPPLE I have ever had!!!

After leaving Fidelis's we stopped at Rose's to pick up all the girls dresses. Now we finally had everything ready and the real stuffing stress begins....did I say stress? I meant fun!!!
Oh my goodness! Thank you Jesus for Bria, she was such a huge help in matching up and stuffing all the boys uniforms. Even though the girls uniforms came in the sacks above, they were sorted by grade and had names on them. Everything was working out swimmingly!
Finally dinner arrived and everything was packed except the shoes and a few missing pieces. Day 3 was the 1st day of VBS! This is where the real fun begins unless you like being an assembly line worker without chocolates to eat.

Ok, stay tuned for Day 3 tomorrow and find out about these little packages all the kids received in their backpacks as well....

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