Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mission Trip 2017-Day 3 VBS

 Gathering the troops.....
Look at the gorgeous sun God blessed us with for our 1st day of VBS at the Nduchi School. Previous to this the forecast had been dreary drizzle, aka my favorite kind of weather. I know your thinking what??? Well not all of us can be sun lovers. As it turns out this would be our only truly sunny day, but Kenya had been in a drought before our arrival and the next few days of rain were a welcome blessing to these rural Kenyans.
After we gathered all our items for our stations and prayed we headed up the hill. Although it is not that far up the hill to the school it is up the hill at over 7,500 ft elevation. This is why I work out 5 days a week because the 1st year I came I was in disbelief at how quickly I was huffing and puffing and there was not a little pig in sight, only fuzzy goats. Ok, it's time for another confession. When my brain is full of thoughts it operates like a poorly written thesaurus and instead of putting "sheep" in the word form area of the brain it inserts things like "fuzzy goats" for "sheep" and "U-Haul" for "wheelbarrow". This leads to others constant entertainment on my behalf. What can I say, I live to please.

 After we set up the signs on the Stations doors: snacks, crafts, story time, games, music and my station the backpack check off station we got to work welcoming all the kids to VBS. It is just amazing to see all these kids stand so still as the await the instructions to divide up into their color groups, bc after this it is really hard to keep them still. They are just so excited about the "Mzungus" "white people" being their to do VBS for them.

These are the stairs that take you down to the various class rooms that make up the stations. Today these stairs are nice and dry, tomorrow well that will be a different story. There is nothing quite like trying to traverse stairs in a long maxi dress that are covered in wet slick clay like red mud, but we will leave that story for tomorrow.
Today, I will feature outside games! Every year my niece Katie has been leading outside games for these kids. It looks like Kristie's group is out there on the field as she shields herself from the sun. Smart girl as poor Katie came home with a sunburn on her face.
Look at these adorable little ones as they get ready to go home for the day!
Oh, why the long faces you ask? Well I would say it's because of lack of coffee, but the truth is we had coffee brewing about every 3 hrs. Thank you Jesus for coffee. Well the long faces are due to having to put each kids correct shoe size and socks into their labeled backpack. Mace had told me before, Barbara there is no way those shoes are going to fit into those backpacks with all the supplies and uniforms and he would be correct if we left them in the boxes. So we shucked the boxes and stuffed the shoes class by class duffle by duffle. Thank you Tommy for your expert duffle stuffing. Everyone else got to play minion and me and my list added yet another color next to the names to mean they now had shoes. Today in my station I wrote each kid's name on their color bracelet to match up with their name and class on my master list. Then I added the kids that had transferred in and moved around a few that were in the wrong class, found one or two duplicates, etc.

 It turns out the extra boxes became instant entertainment for the Haven boys as they arrived home from school. They helped stuff them into the fire pit and then like a leaf pile in autumn jumped on in.
Um... what is that in the picture you ask? Was it an accidental upload? Nope those little things swarmed us that night starting at dinner time. They were drawn to the light like a moth to a flame. Those little bugs are African Termites...YICKY...ICKY...UCK! Yep and they were dropping their wings. What was left after a bit looked like really gross caterpillars just crawling everywhere. I'm not sure where they came from, but I suspect they were nice and dry in the ground and the rain we received after VBS brought them out. In the morning wings were make myself feel less yuck about them I tried to think like my girls would and say, oh look at all those fairy wings!!!
Well hasn't today been fun! Stay tuned for tomorrow post on Day 4!

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