Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mission Trip 2017-Day 5

Awe...Ice coffee with coconut milk...oh wait that's happening now and I already need a refill to get my brain cells working. Fun Fact...there is no ice in Africa where we go, they prefer to their drinks room temp or hot.

Day 5- The GIVE AWAY!

Ok, this is the day we have been working up to ever since we did our give away last year. Our goal this year was to give away a better backpack, school supplies including color pencils which are a lux item here, uniforms, socks, school SHOES, and medical kits! We couldn't of done any of this w/o all our donors and helpers. A lot of people think, oh my donation won't make a difference, but every single $ does. We were able to put all these items above together for $45 a kid. Today I took my own kids back to school shopping, we didn't get socks, shoes, or backpack and I spent over $100 per kid. Crazy right? So your support and donation do make a huge difference.
We have so many people and donors to thank, so during my time at VBS this Friday I had the opportunity to stage all these Thank YOU PICS from the kids. This of course this was my bestie Lauren's idea and while she was sharing the Bible Story today of GOD MADE YOU SPECIAL, I finally got the fun job.
Do you see those smiles! YOU can make a difference! Thank you so much!!!
Organizing the give away this year was a big part of the preparation process! As you've read we had all the backpacks packed by kid and class. We went several steps further this year to ensure the correct kid received the his/her backpack. During my 1st day of VBS I wrote each kids name on their color coded wrist band and in order to received their backpack we cut it off and handed them their backpack while simultaneously checking them off the list. And as an extra step we only lead one color group down at a time with their color group leader in charge.
 I know you are exhausted already and we haven't even started giving them away.
Time for all the smiles!!
Ok, here come the smiles! We set the table in the door, put the red
rope out on both sides for the boys and girls and positioned the
Haven boys to play bouncer so we didn't have kids crowding the
table. Everything was going so well! Thank you JESUS!!!!!
Major players in making this happen where Cindy and Mace getting everything lined up and Cecilia and Penniah correctly pronouncing each of the kids names so the correct kid could come up to get their backpack. If you look closely at the top pick you will see all the mud on poor Mace. Remember those steps and the mud? Well let's just say Mace is more than a team player. Yep, those duffels full of backpacks just keep coming. Girls are all lined up on the left as Mace and Austin start to line up the boys backpacks. This would of been the perfect time to be playing Andy Mineo's new song KIDZ, bc it talks about why he does what he does and he does it for the Kidz. Ok, you are curious now...go ahead and google the song so you can play it on your phone while you finish this blog!!
This is what it is all about!!!
WOW, everything was going so well! Look at those smiles!! Ok, confession time, I have about 200 of these pics my niece Katie took of the give away. They are all so good!!
There are so many people to thank for making this possible, but I want to share a few! This Thank you is to the WMU at FBCR where I go for giving us the funds for the extra bags we had to take to get all the school supplies over to Kenya!
This is what the backpacks we gave away last year looked like. This boy has managed to tie his up where the o-ring has ripped out at the bottom, but we only saw a few kids with their old bags. We were so excited to give away the better bags this year which should last the kids for several more years.
This is what the kids trek down the hill to get their backpacks by group looked like!

One of the truly special things the kids received in their backpacks this year were medical kits! These medical kits where donated and made by the kids at SPRING BAPTIST CHURCH during their VBS to give the kids here in Kenya! Wow, we can't say thank you enough to SBC and Kathy Frick for helping to make this all possible!
As the last group of older kids made it down the hill this year we found out they were carrying lots of black heavy looking bags. Hum... I wonder what that is all about? The parents of the kids came together and gave us fresh produce as a gift because of everything we gave to their kids. WOW, I was totally blown away by their extreme generosity. My sister Cindy the Vegan is inspecting all the produce: Pineapples, avocadoes, tomatoes, arrowroot, bananas...
Well I'll leave you with that extreme gift today and have you stay tuned for day 6 tomorrow...

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