Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mission Trip 2017- Day 6

On day 6 we had the opportunity to host a very special group of kids.
One of the boys adopted to Haven on the Hill Children's Home is John Paul. John Paul was found on the streets with a little baby on his back, he was 4 years old. Janice and Phil adopted both John Paul and the little baby on his back, Baby Allan Luke. John Paul is hearing impaired and speaks, but can't really be understood. At 4 years old he had the heart of a saint and was taking care of not only himself but managing to find and feed Baby Allan too. Both of these boys were cast away, but somehow managed to survive the streets long enough to be rescued and then adopted. Despite John Paul's hearing and speech problems, he is able to adapt to any situation. Janice and Phil were able to find Ear Trek in Nairobi and the lovely founder Florence. She took in John Paul for 6 months to give him basic sign language, work with hearing aids and help him learn to communicate.
John Paul is now back at Haven, but bc of the huge impact Florence and Ear Trek made on his life and the great needs of this school. We decided to host a VBS for them too and give them backpacks and shoes. Some of the equipment the school needed was very expensive, but Spring Baptist Church stepped in again and raised the money at their VBS to buy the equipment. WOW, it is amazing what the body of Christ can do.
So that Sat morning around 11:30am the kids from Ear Trek arrived to a damp and chilly Haven on the Hill to show us that even though these kids couldn't communicate in the way we were use to, they were able to play and show love just like any other kids.

We did games, bible story, crafts, and music for them as well.

 Plus of course snacks and lunch. The biggest joy of all was to see them signing along with Lisa as she taught them the song with the signs.

 After this we gave each kid a backpack with school supplies and shoes. Then Kathy did her presentation to Florence of the otoscopes and Tympanometer.

You should of seen Florence's face. We found out from her that this was equipment she had requested from the Kenyan government to help run her school and she was denied.

As a Thank you to us for having us out for VBS, Florence brought us a "real" cake to share and it was amazing. In Kenya their cake is usually super dense and not very sweet, but this cake was very moist and even had frosting!!! Her daughter owns a bake shop in Nairobi and had made it for us!

This was truly as special day! As you can see they will miss us as we will miss them!!!

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