Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mission Trip 2017-Day 8

 Day 8- Home visits in progress...
Last year we found out some of the kids at the school were not attending bc they didn't have any lunch to bring. So not only did these kids need uniforms, school supplies, etc, but they also needed to bring their lunch. In America we have title one schools where lunch is free and most other things can be provided by just filling out some paper work. We are set up to be an educational non-profit so buying food for these kids didn't really fit in our framework. So last year Elizabeth took the money I gave her and bought food to take to this family. That was just one family, but many more where suffering and going without. This year my mom asked me what was one thing we needed money for and I told her if she wanted to give, to give money I could use to buy food to deliver to the poorest families on our home visits. So with the money my mom gave me we bought over 40 lbs of food for each of the 12 homes we were able to visit. This top picture is one of the poorer families we visited. In the very front of the picture, this rusted out structure is the outhouse and in the back where we are walking to are the families home. I discovered this home was really 2, one room houses, like a duplex. I also went on to find out from Naomi these homes are rented. It never dawned on me these poor families wouldn't own their home, but they would have to rent a room/home to share. I thought my mind was already blown, but this just took it to a whole new level. Nevertheless, both these families were so excited to see us and get the gifts we were giving them of food, scarves, and shoes and backpacks for the kids who were attending the poorer school I told you about. This poorer school is also located in town. So you know the hill I was huffing and puffing about which took me 40 minutes to get to town yesterday, these poorer kids have to take that hill route to the valley floor and back up everyday just to get to go to school. (ok, I know your mind is blown again)
 This house made of mud and sticks with the tin roof is a typical house in Kenya. No electricity, no running water, no dry floor, no nothing, but a roof over your head.
 Here are different homes running down the valley from the main road at the top. Not all are mud huts, but most are much better. So I was surprised by the next home we visited. How did this home below qualify as a poorer home. Well as it is true in America it is true in Africa, circumstances change. This house is the grandmothers house in the middle. Last year her husband died, then just a few months later her daughter passed who left her with the 3 smaller kids you see. Already living with her was her son, his wife and 3 older kids. But now she no longer had an income to take care of them. We were happy to provide the older kids with backpacks and shoes as they went to the poor school. The smaller kids still went to the school we visited, so they had already received their backpacks, etc. You can see the grandmother her giving praise to the Lord, from whom all blessings flow. Beatrice had told Lauren in advance of coming about a little girl who needed clothes bc her mother had died and she was living with her grandmother. So I was happy to know the little girls in the middle was also the recipient of the clothes we gave!
 Each house we went to we also gave the family a Bible and prayed over them for God to bless them and keep them healthy. I usually prayed at the houses I went to, but I was so happy to have Kathy pray for this family. We had given out our last gifts here and Bible and headed back home. Tomorrow we would visit 6 more houses...which turned into 8. More details to come....stay tuned for day 9 tomorrow.

 Ok, I portrayed Baby Allan in a bad light yesterday. Look at him. How could you not love this kid!

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