Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mission Trip 2017-Day 9

Day 9
But 1st this cute picture of David.
Can I say I just love this boy! I really hope when my girls finally get old enough to come to Africa with Robert and I, David decides he likes one of them....
Ok, now onto what actually happened on this Tuesday. When we got to Haven, Phil had told us about the firewood at the bottom of the valley next to the river that needed to be brought up. He had asked the boys on Monday, yesterday if they wanted to go help daddy Phil get the firewood. Of course they said they would rather hang out with the team since it was their 1st day out of school for their month off. Even though Monday was relatively dry, of course it had to rain overnight and the trip down and thru the Shamba to get the firework would now not only be a steep one, but also a slippery one.
Every year I go thru the Shamba and every year I manage to slip and fall. So the odds were already stacked against me without adding the rain soaked ground. Needless to say I did slip and fall, but I also did make it all the way to the River and back up.

.....So you are looking out through the Shamba here and you can see the drop.

Now you can see the river! We started at the top and went all the way to the bottom to get the firewood. Then we all created a link of passing from one person to the next so everyone would only have to walk and carry the wood about 20-30 feet. Tommy went and stayed all the way at the bottom to help select wood to be passed up. Cindy, Bria, Kristie and I strategically placed ourselves between the boys with Phil in the middle to help regulate the flow of wood up the hill. Yours truly at the top to carry to the flattest spots and start placing the wood in stacks for the 2nd half up. So there were over 20 of us doing this and just to get maybe a few days worth of wood up the hill it took us 2 hours.

Wow this was a great workout. Once we made it back up to the top, some of the younger boys from Haven came to help us with the last 20 yards so we could get it all done for the day. (FYI...there was still weeks worth of firewood at the bottom of the valley)

After lunch we again started planning for our Home visits. As it looked like rain early again, Naomi and I decided to go ahead and do the 3 houses closest to Haven.

Kathy and the boys helped us deliver to these 1st houses and each house we got to, God made the shoes we carried the right size for those in the house. This felt great to see God working this miracle so these families would be blessed. Although these houses were closer to Haven, they were still quite the trek. We even had the opportunity to see where Naomi's family lived and meet some of her family.

Then we went back to Haven to get the rest of the stuff for the last few families and Beatrice, Lisa, and Gina took a team to a few other families so we could divide could get to all the houses before the rain. As we headed out again we visited the last 2 families we had food and everything for. We still had a few small backpacks and shoes left. We were pretty far out on the main road at this point with just endless little houses full of poor and poorer families. I felt God calling us to keep going and giving out what we had. And boy am I glad we did. At the last stops on this side we gave out more shoes we just seemed to have the right sizes for.

 On the way back Naomi asked me if we stopped by the house of the ladies who visited yesterday asking if we had any shoes for their kids. I told her yes I sent Beatrice to that house today. She said no, not the twins, there is another family that lives right next door (another duplex) I had made the mistake of assuming this was the same family. Ugh. I had told them we would be coming. So on the way back I sent my sister on ahead to pack up the last few super small backpacks with what school supplies we had left and just hoped we had the sizes in shoes these kids needed. We gave them the backpacks and both the boy and the girl needed size 3 shoes. We had 2 size 3 girl Mary Jane style school shoes left. The boy was so happy to have shoes he didn't even care they were girls shoes. This didn't sit well with me, so I went back to Haven and found 2 pairs of shoes Janice had brought for us to give away. One plain blk sneaker and a tennis shoe. I went back and explained to the boy that I would rather him have these 2 pairs of shoes. He was so excited. So I went back to Haven with one pair of girls school shoes. Before we started giving out shoes, Kathy had asked for a pair of shoes to take back to show her church what the shoes looked like we gave away. Spring Baptist Church gave us all the money we needed to place the shoe order, so I really wanted to get them a pair. I just wasn't sure we would have one left over. The need was so great and you just want to give everything you have. But, God being God knew that I would have that one pair of girls shoes left just for Kathy. I was so excited when I got back, I went right to Kathy and told her how God had worked it out using my silly notion of insisting the girls have girl looking shoes and the boys have boy looking shoes. Oh, but God knows me. He knew it was going to be like this from the start.  Ok, side story. The first thing I thought of when my husband told me he really wanted me to go to Africa was...hum I don't really have shoes for Africa. God worked out that detail too.

Ok.. we are getting close to the end of the trip, but day 10 is tomorrow.

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