Monday, August 14, 2017

Mission Trip 2017-Day7

Day 7...
This morning is Sunday, one of  my favorite days of the week because it usually means I have a few extra minutes to get ready and I can spend time reflecting on the week. I started by reading in Psalms and then starting writing a bit about Haven. Which  reminds me today, that I need to find my notebook... But, nothing I could say would compare to this awesome Video Mace Tennison made about Haven and it's people! Please take a few minutes to watch:

Wow, RIGHT!!??
How do I follow that up? Well I still have day 7 to share and we could title this post:

But, first Church!
What a beautiful church it is! The last 2 years I have been to this church, it has been a church inside a church. The old building was tree limbs and mud and slowly they have built this new beautiful church around it. This year the old church was removed. The new concrete floor was in place and the beautiful new windows were in. WOW, just WOW.
We arrived to church early with Beatrice bc in Kenya they start when most people are there I've noticed, not like in America where we have a count down to start time on the big projection screen. So we had some time before service to take pics with the boys!
 Here is a great pic of my beautiful sister Cindy with Charles and Brian.
Church is Kenya is like no other. It is really about worship and dancing/sings to the beat of your own drum. And I do mean an actually drum with cowhide on it. Most of the songs they sing are the same hymns you and I grew up on, but they sing them at a faster beat. I asked Elizabeth about this the next day because it took me to like the 3rd verse each time to figure out what song we are on. She told me they have a very upbeat drummer. I laughed so hard. It is amazing how one persons enthusiasm for GOD can change the way we see a song. Like "How Great Thou Art" this is traditionally a very slow song, but they sing it as an all out concert worthy praise and worship version.

After Church and After Lunch, daddy Phil took the boys into the "town" to have mandazi's and chi tea at the local tea shop. Think a rural version of Starbucks. Ok, scratch that, I have a picture. But first remember that title... THE DAY I GOT PEED ON? Well right there between Naomi and I was the culprit: Baby Allan. This was no ordinary visit to town. It is like that story you hear of grandparents telling you how they walked to school and both ways were up hill. Well if they lived here in Kenya this would be very true. I kept my church dress on for some silly reason and started the trek to town. I knew it would be a trek, but do you see that hill? That's only the 1st one. What I didn't realize is we would basically be going to the valley floor then up again as a shortcut to town. Yes, it was a shortcut bc it did save a mile of walking, but the HILL, do you see the HILL?? Ok, so here is how I got peed on. Darling Baby Allan was walking a long like the rest of us on this HIKE and well his legs aren't very long so he was falling behind. So I decided to give him a piggy back ride. On the hill on the way up my hands under his little bottom started to feel that's strange. I quickly put Allan down and touched the front of his little jean pants. Yep they were damp. Poor little boy had a little leak. Naomi had rolled up the waist band of his pants previously because they were dragging the ground, so when he got off and was trying to pull down his pants they wouldn't go down. One of his young brothers seeing his predicament trying to help him out as he pulled up his shirt. To save you some very graphic details basically the spout got stuck and poor Allan couldn't wait any longer and peed straight up on shirt. Luckily my sister is always prepared and gave me a wet wipe for my hands and baby Allan got wiped up as good as I could. Well since we are already almost half way there the story must go on. So here is the pic of me and Naomi helping Allan up the Hill. On a bright note of me I had a nice Kenyan shopping bag on my back so only it got a little damp and me and my jkt and dress stayed nice and dry.
After a lot of huffing and puffing we made it to the tea shop!
 I declined the chi, but had a big fluffy mandazi. I have previously only had Elizabeth's mandazi's which are like these beautiful little triangle shaped beignet's with crème, sugar and lime zest. I didn't realize that in town they would sell something different. These were big with not sugar I could detect and chewy. Not horrible, although Kathy had a different opinion. I later asked Elizabeth about this and she explained to make $ and to make a product the people could afford, the shop cut the good stuff and people were able still to get a treat. Well that happens to here I guess, but it's almost the opposite. We go out of our way to find the most decadent treats we can find and are happy as little larks to pay $3.50 for a cookie or $6 for a jumbo cupcake.
 Our trip to the shop was only a short stop it seemed as it was not time to start the trek back. Do you see this steep hill? Well on a happy note I made it to over 20,000 steps for the day and 101 active minutes.

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