Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday 2020 is upon us.  We have much to be thankful for.  Robert and I just came back from giving away uniforms, shoes, backpacks and school supplies to 1,150 children in rural Kenya.  We didn't know how this was going to be possible, but always the LORD works things out in His timing.  He showed us again that HE can do a lot with a little.  We were able to give these things away with the help of our family at Haven on the Hill Children's Home.  We also were able to see the kitchen at Nduchi Primary School.  While there the LORD showed us that HE has even bigger plans for this school.  As it is one of the poorest communities in the area with most families living on only $1 per day, this kitchen will provide much needed meals for the students.  With your help, you can be a part of what the LORD is doing.  Only $50 per day provides food for 225 students.  This much needed food not only enables them to attend school, but encourages them and shows them the love of Christ.  We need 16 partners to come alongside us and provide funding for one day of food each month at $50 per month.  Here in the U.S. we have free or reduced lunch costs for economically disadvantaged families.  This type of support does not exist in Kenya.  These are truly Lunches of Love that you would be providing.  

This kitchen showed us how much this school really needs.  This school does not even have real walls for its Early Childhood Development (ECD) Center.  It has tin walls like those to roof a barn here in the U.S.  We are estimating that enclosing the Center with stone walls and new roof with skylights will cost approximately $3,000.  We know that not many people can do this amount, but we know and believe that God will provide.  These new walls and roof are just the beginning of the repairs that need to be undertaken at the school.  Before you get to the ECD, the concrete stairs end and you enter slippery, sloped ground during the rainy season.  This can be very dangerous.  The estimate to extend these stairs, repair the bottom veranda where the water has been draining, and properly design and install drainage is approximately $5,000. We are looking for corporate sponsors or matching funds to fulfill this large project.  If your company matches this may be a great place for you to give.

One of the things we take for granted here in the U.S. is running water and toilets at every gas station, convenience store, or school.  In Kenya, the schools are very happy to have latrines.  Latrines at Nduchi are in need of being renovated to a more modern and sanitary concrete enclosure due to COVID.  One set of latrines, if dug new, is $3,000.  This would provide two clean, sanitary cement stalls instead of the tin-walled wooden facilities currently used.  With washing hands as a newly emphasized priority we have realized there needs to be a washing station for the kitchen separate from where the kids wash their hands and cleanup.  To connect new plumbing and install new sinks at the kitchen we estimate this would cost $3,500.  As you can see, there are so many needs at this school.  Even if these big items feel overwhelming, all of us have something we can give.  The LORD takes what we give in faith and multiplies it for His Kingdom.

Every year as school starts back, we take our kids school supply and shoe shopping.  It always amazes me how fast kids feet grow! One of our biggest needs is just to provide these basic items so that kids can attend school and get the education they need.  You can be a part of this by giving $50 to outfit one child with a uniform, school shoes, backpack and school supplies or multiplying your gift by giving a little bit every month.  You may not be able to give $50 all at once, but you can probably give $5-$10 each month.

Our friend Elizabeth has generously taken on the task of managing the Nduchi School Feeding Fund for us.  She has already worked with the fundi (Kenyan carpenter) who is building tables and shelving to outfit the kitchen for use and purchased all of the items needed to service the kitchen.  She will also be overseeing the stocking of food to the school each week.  Just yesterday we received photos of the items that were purchased. She said it has been wonderful to see the joy on the children's faces who are now getting lunch.  Currently on classes 4 and 8 are attending school with the remainder of classes going back in January.  I asked her to pray for the remaining 16 hearts that God would speak to.  She replied, "Yes I will. Like God told Elijah, HE still has people somewhere who are willing to serve Him."  To which I could only reply Amen and amen.

So now you are wondering how can you give to become a part of what the LORD is doing? 

There are multiple ways:

  1. Utilize the Donate button below to donate using credit/debit card or bank account of any amount.
  2. Utilize the Add to Cart button to select multiple gifts listed and give to more than one area. Simply add more of an item to the cart to give more.
  3. Or... go old school and Print and complete a donation form [CLICK HERE] and mail the completed form along with a check to The Plans HE Has For You Ministries, 2400 Pecan Ct., Rosenberg, Texas, 77471 

Donations through either of these methods can be designated as a gift in the honor of or in memory of a loved one.  Simply fill the name and address of the honoree in the designated area of the donation form or include the name and address in the Notes area of the PayPal donation. We will send a handwritten Thank You card to this person, detailing the  gift you gave.


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