Kenya Trip 2016

The Team - (L to R) Robert Sims, Hunter Garcia, London Dickey, Roxy Garcia, Kristie Kendrick, Cindy Glogosh, Lisa Silfies, Gina Harris, Mace Tennison, Barbara Sims, Lauren Tennison, Bria Harris, Katie McCarther, Cindy McCarther, Kathy Fick, Janice Wagner (not pictured)
Arrival in Kenya - notice the brand new Arrivals and Baggage Claim!
Busy at work stuffing backpacks
We were able to provide 360 backpacks that were filled with notebooks/exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and toothbrushes!
Prep day for two days of Vacation Bible School at Nduchi Primary School for 275 children
Thank you to Fidelis for making the 270+ jumpers for the students
Rose's Shop - Thank you to Rose for making the 270+ uniforms for the students

Craft Time
and Memory Verse!
Bible Story
Outside Games
All smiles receiving new uniform!

All smiles receiving new uniform!

Story time with visiting children's home
Crafts with the visiting children's home

Leaving in a 14 passenger van with nearly 30 people, 54 blankets, backpacks and jackets.  As Beatrice said - "See they aren't even squished.  There is always room for one more!"

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